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Karen M Srebacic

I love your classes! I have never felt better and stronger in my life. Most nights I dream of handstands and swings 🙂 Thank YOU for all you have done to improve my mental and physical being.

Laila Bryant

I am absolutely addicted to Maryanne’s classes! Normally after a couple weeks of a class, I get bored and lose interest, but Maryanne keeps everything fresh and switches it up all the time. She is constantly challenging us all and trying new things. SMC classes have been a perfect way for me to step up my strength training and fully recover from my knee surgery after a long period of physical therapy. Maryanne’s background in bodywork and training in many styles of strength work make her an amazingly diverse and knowledgeable teacher. I am stronger than I have ever been after 6 months of classes!

Carol Wilkins

The Movement Center is such a wonderful asset to the community. I have taken most of the classes there at some point since it has opened. Currently I am dancing with Caldera there. Super awesome space!

Group Pilates

Margie Lyons

Before I began pilates training with Maryanne 6 years ago, I was overweight, had poor posture, chronic lower and upper back pain and shoulder pain, and could not do many everyday activities, such as gardening, lifting objects over 20 pounds, even sweeping the carpet. Today, at 64 I am pain free, can do almost anything, have lost 25 pounds, and am more fit than I’ve ever been in my life. Maryanne is a gifted teacher, both in the group and the private lessons which I continue after all these years. She is positive and also caring- she listens and modifies while gently encouraging and pushing for improvements. Succeeding at correcting lifelong habits has given me a much more positive attitude and has allowed me to take on other challenges with confidence. It has been life changing.

Nicole Bellman

i thought i was fit and in shape. then i took one pilates class and after not being able to sit up on my own the next day, i realized how little of my core i actually used. now, 4 years later, i cannot be more grateful than i am for maryanne and what she has brought to this community. and she keeps adding crazy, fun, badass classes (like the honey badger) that continue to challenge me and introduce me to all sorts of new kinds of fun! and soreness. and a better butt to boot. thanks m.a for all of your hard work and dedication to your classes and to this community. and of course for our friendship. what would i do without you?